Stanley Tournament Rules


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Preliminary Dates for 7-a-side tournaments at Stanley High School:

Tournament 1: 4pm start

Tournament 2: Winners progress into the next round of the Everton Cup and national 7-a-side cup.

Dates for indoor 5-a-side tournament at Stanley High School:

This year it will only be one group per night in the 5 a side competition. This is planned to take place on the week beginning 27th January. More details will be available nearer the time.

5 a side tournament rules:

The 5 a side tournament is split into 4 groups, played over 2 nights. The winners of each group will progress to the final, which is played on a separate night.

Matches are short, fast and frantic, with a game lasting only 4 minutes.

Rules are different to normal matches, as there is no over head height. If the ball does go above head height, a free kick will be given to the opposing team. Also, if the ball hits any of the walls in the gymnasium it remains in play. The ball is only out of play if it goes over the benches that separates the pitch from the audience.

Finally, the goalkeeper is the only player allowed in the area. If a defender sets foot inside their own area, a penalty will be given.

All of these rules will be explained in more detail to managers and players before the tournaments begin.

7 a side Tournament rules:

As last year, the 7-a-side tournaments are set in 4 groups, where the winner of each group will progress into the semi-final. The winners of the 2 semi finals will then go on to play in the final.

Matches are played in 2 halves where the halves will last 4 minutes, and teams will quickly change ends at half time.

Points for each game will be given in the usual format of 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. If two teams are equal on points at the end of the group stages, the winner will be decided on the head to head result from the two top teams. If that game ended in a draw, the winner will be decided on number of corners.

Substitutes can be played at any point and are on a rolling process (e.g. a player can be substituted off and go back on in the same match). There is no offside rule but other normal rules apply.

Can all schools please be advised to use the Fleetwood Road entrance, not the entrance to the gym round the back of the school.

Paul Hooton will go over the rules with all the children before the tournament starts. We aim to start at 4pm so please arrive by 3:50pm if possible.


Nick Dempster.