These rules were discussed and agreed upon during the 2014 AGM.

Rules and Information for all competitions


The minimum number of players in a squad needed for a match is 10.
All teams must arrive with at least 10 players. Failure to comply with this rule will mean 3 pts being awarded to the opponents. The game shall not be replayed.
Mixed gender teams are permissible.
3 periods of 15 minutes but in the final period, change ends after 7 and 1/2 mins.
Outfield players can only play 2 periods, while goalkeepers can play all periods as long as they remain in goal for all 3. If an injury occurs during the match and a player is unable to continue, then another player is allowed to cover for their injured teammate.
Substitutions can only be made at the end of each period unless an injury occurs.
No offsides.
All home teams should ensure that all goals have nets. Failure to comply with this rule will mean 3 pts being awarded to the opponents. The game shall not be replayed.
Leagues to be decided by points and then the aggregate score between tied teams.
If teams have identical records, the League will be decided by play-off at a neutral venue with a neutral referee.
Cup matches that end in a draw - 5 minutes each way extra time. If there is still no winner, a replay will be arranged. Penalties can be used to decide a tie, as long as this has been agreed by both team managers before the match starts.
In a Cup Final, a draw, after extra time, will mean the trophy is shared.


If there are any problems with teams not following these rules, please inform the Chair, Fixture Secretary or Secretary immediately.




Colleagues reported a few incidents with refereeing problems. The meeting was reminded that the guidelines were in order:


The home team’s teacher/TA
The away team’s teacher/TA
Another member of staff


Parents are not to referee matches. If there are any difficulties, please contact the Chair or Secretary.


For Cup matches, refereeing can be shared between both teams’ representatives.



Playing of League Games


To ensure there is no backlog of matches after February half-term, please play a preliminary or first round cup match and a couple of league matches before the winter break.


All league and cup games (apart from semis and final) need to be played by Spring break. No league results after Spring break will be counted towards final positions.


Cup finals will normally be played on two days during the 2nd week of May at Haig Avenue.


Reporting results


Both teams need to submit the result of a match as soon as possible after the match, to Nick Dempster, by using the results form on the website


Cup Finals


Teams, who qualify for the finals, are responsible for sending representatives to man the gates at Haig Avenue. Admission price - £1 per adult and primary age children are free.